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Direct Cremation £ 999*

( includes all administration & preparation, coffin, hearse, funeral director, bearers, local authority cremation fee, return of ashes with certifcate of cremation )

* doctors fee's of £164 may be required in some circumstances.













What is a direct cremation?

This is a funeral where the cremation takes place without any mourners present and there is no minister or service.

This type of funeral is becoming increasingly popular as people begin to realise the ever increasing fee's charged by funeral director for even the most

modest of services. Typically a direct cremation takes place and there then follows a memorial service at some future date, perhaps to scatter the ashes or a family gathering to share stories and memories of a loved one. This is a very modern approach to funerals.

What exactly happens if I want to arrange a direct cremation?

When a loved one passes away, contact us and we will arrange for them to be brought into our care.

We will then guide you the through the process of registering the death with the registrar.

Once all the documentation is in place we book the cremation for you and on the day of the funeral your loved one it transported to the crematorium accompanied by the funeral director and any other appropriate staff.

The ashes are then returned to you within 48 hours unless you have instructed us otherwise.



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